How to connect seagull with herelink and pixhawk cune orange

Hi @madrc, @philip @Alvin @Vince How to connect the seagull rec with pixhawk cube orange and herelink ? Can I connect seagull rec with herelink sbus 2 cable or should I connect it to the main out or aux out of pixhawk cube orange ? Please help me.

You may check the ardupilot wiki as well as the seagull user manual

As long as it only requires PWM input, connecting to main out or aux out doesn’t matter if you have the correct setting

Then after connecting what would be the solex settings ?

Can you explain me in detail on how can I setup the seagull #REC ? Please

I am not familiar with seagull nor I have one. I can’t teach you how to use it.
According to the seagull user manual, it should be enough to have PWM input.
You should already know how to setup PWM out from Herelink