How to smooth speed between two WPN?


I have a pretty dynamic stops of my quad when the flying speed is set down between two waypoints.

I tried Loit_brk_accell (from 250 to 75) and Loit_brk_jerk (750 from 1000) but i did not notice any smooting reaction.

The quad is still giving a kick to decrease the speed.

Is it possible to graduate this decceleration ?

here is a really low quality video but i think, it is enough to see what i 'am talking about.



You may want to tune the pid on your copter


I understand i need to fine tune the copter and i will do a final autotune with this new payload.

My question was on the specific topic of decrease the speed between two waypoints. Have you any advice about this ?



May be adjusting parameters such as WPNAV_SPEED?

This is controlled by WPNAV_ACCEL parameter.

Thanks Anubis !
i’ll try this next week on the mission.

Is there any mean to clontrol the speed during the mission with stick control ? like giving pitch forward to speed up and pitch backward to speed down ?



I’ve never done it before, but it looks like you can use the tuning knob to adjust waypoint speed in flight:

Interesting !

We use the Herelink remote, maybe i can assign the turning knob to this function. I’ll check this.