How to update ground control on herelink?

hi 'what am i missing how do i update groundcontrol on the herelink ?


You may check:

I’ve updated the firmware successfully everything works ,
I get a message saying ground control needs updating ?

Maybe I’m being a plant :seedling: :see_no_evil:

Can you post a pic of the message

I performed the update (I m sure )

The video wasn’t working etc and solex wasn’t the new version (re calibration etc)

Now all that is fine and working , every time I boot up I get this ?

So I assume I am being stupid with something ?
Please enlighten my darkness

This is related to your version of Autopilot firmware and not Herelink.

What version of Ardupilot you using ?


This is where I show my total ignorance,

I am using the current version of cube orange ,
Whatever came installed on that .

I am now downloading the Qgc for the pc update ,

Sorry I’m very new at this end of things