Increasing vibrations after each landing

The vibration in one or multiple axis tends to keep increasing without stopping. We’ve check for loose screws, moving wires, etc. My concern it isn’t a mechanical behavior and I wanted to see if anyone in the community has experienced it before?


The log files are too large to upload here but I can attach a google drive link if needed.

Image 1 - Increasing Vibration In All (3.8 MB)

Although your Vibes are going up there is no clipping.
Maximum X value is 15-16 which is not that bad.

Your IMU data looks OK showing minor vibrations typically less than 2.

The tune looks OK, if not a little nervous, but actual follows desired pretty well.

So what was the actual flight problem?
Were you seeing degradation in flight?
The VIBES you are looking at may have been a product of the highly strung tuning of the copter.

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