Info BARO on Here2

hi everyone

I am more and more optimizing the system between small and big problems
I have a doubt about these things

  1. in Here V2 I have enabled the external barometer; can this cause problems with the other barometers in the cube?
  2. when I enable or disable the barometer from UAVCAN, do I have to perform the calibration again?
  3. can I calibrate the barometer in QGC on Laptop (instead of MP) and then use SolexTX?
  4. is it recommended to use the self-learning parameter for the external / internal barometer? (TCAL_ENABLED 0/1/2)

thanks again for the advice

I would not be using the external Baro at this time in Ardu as this has not be optimised in the config. I would disable it in the Here 2.

Nice disabled no calibration should be needed.

I have been using external baro from Here2 for quite awhile now. No need of calibration. The case handles the pressure difference from airflow well most of the times. Depending on your application, you might need to add a tiny piece of foam.

thanks for the replies

however I still ask you if you have ever used the learn TCAL_ENABLED 0 or 1 or 2 setting for the barometer temperature compensation

thanks again for the help