Installed Cube orange and Here3 GPS on S500 frame had excessice vibrations

Hi thereI began building a quadcopter using S500 frame and latest FC pixhawk Cube Orange and Here 3 GPS
2212 980KV Emax
30 amp Simonk OPTO ESC
10 inch glass fibre propeller
11.V 4200 MAh Battery
Everything was perfectly set up during take off excessive vibrations and jerking so strong that the bullet connector of ESC and BLDC motor gets disconnected.
Seeing the problem I change the Flight controller and replaced with Matek H743 and SAM8 UAVCAN Again same problem of vibrationa and jerking that even i cant have a single flight.
Do i have a faulty FC or BLDC Motor or ESC or the Frame. I am actually confused somewhere on Google i found that S500 had problem regarding vibration plz help me out.Uploading: 20211005_180440.jpg…

You should post on the Ardupilot forum unless this is specifically related to Hex products.