Integrate Herelink receiver separately from GCS

Is there any receiver module that can be integrated into other GCS, capable of talking to the Herelink Air Unit module? My aim is to transmit video and telemetry from Air to ground using for example a ground computer (Mission Planner) with separate joystick and receive telemetry and video from the Air unit where the Herelink transmitter is installed.

Hello Marcello,

I do not know if I really understood your system architecture.
But I think you can operate your herelink ground unit in a network, like the 5G Hotspot or any other 5G Wireless Router, so you can access telemetry and video in other laptop running Mission Planner.
Let me know if you need further advice on it.

Hi Bruno
To better describe my architecture: I made my own GCS with joystick, buttons and Display. Until now im using other radio module to comunicate with Air unit, but i notice that herelink works better especially for video transmission so i want to integrate Herelink instead of other radio module.



In this case, that`s possible to use MAVLink forwarding from Herelink to access the MAVLink stream and Video Stream via network. In this case you could encode your joystick and buttons as MAV Message RC_OVERRIDE. Not sure if you would be able to access the SBUS in this way, better to check with Cubepilot Staff, but the rest of it I think it is ok.
Be sure to check if your cam is in the compatibility camera list for herelink, not all really works on it.

Let me know if you have further questions.


I am also interested in the possibility to integrate a ground module that comunicates directly with the Herelink Air unit for telemetry and video. I have seen in this post Air unit as ground module - OEM documentation request - HereLink - Cubepilot were Alvin reports back in Nov’21 that they were working on it.

If you find more information, please share.
A. Martin

Have definitely seen an example where this was done using two air units.

Would be such a useful product if it were available for integration into a proper ground station. The screen on the herelink is pretty poor in sunlight which adds bulk we don’t need.

@Alvin was there any update on when this might come? I am in OEM/Research so would be happy to beta test anything you have.