Is any Remote ID hardware available? (or coming soon?)

With the new upcoming European regulation, any drone over 250g is required to emit a remote identification signal.
Because of this, this is a very important feature for the European market (and as far as I can tell from my research, also in the US in the near future?) the only way to get a drone up in the air legally is to have a remote ID broadcasting module on board.
So I am very curious to know if any hardware module is available that enables this, or even better: is this integrated in the Cube/carrier board?

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No country in the world, including in Europe, have decided if or what remote ID will be.

DJI is lobbying governments around the world to adopt technology that they are proposing, that would add extra barriers to entry to anything not DJI.

Don’t fall for the fear!

When governments finally agree on a world standard for aviation identification for ALL Aircraft users, this topic can be dealt with…

Until then, it’s speculation. You can’t build hardware for a nonexistent standard.

What protocol? What frequency? What power? How will it be certified? Is it encrypted?

Ask your regulator for the standard… then post a link when they finally write it


Any updates relating to this topic Philip?

Well, at least the USA has published something, so it gives a starting point

There are 30 months before this is mandatory, so lots of theme to put out the right solution.

There are points that need clarification however, as there is a logical disconnect between the “modular” and “built in” options.