Is there a way to scroll down the screen to test the buttons light and how to set it always on

i have a problem with my herelink buttons it’s not working and causing a problem in the night flying ,

I will need to look into this.

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i’m witting for you response @philip

So your saying the backlight is not what you would like? I’m a little confused as to the issue?
Have you talked to your distributor?

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Not the backlight i said the buttons lights

If your lights are broken, please contact your distributor

it’s not broken I told you it’s just the buttons light not working …

How do I get into the button light config page? This is the first time I see something about the buttons being back-lit and would very much like to enable it. I have 2 units, neither of them ever have the buttons light up.

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I’ll have a look at this later. As far as I recall they have never been activated and as such it’s not a feature but I’ll check that later my self.

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hello @MadRC
can you check the stable release if it’s possible to activate the buttons light? it will be a very useful feature.

hello @MadRC @philip
I’m waiting for your response did you check it?

There is no software controlled lights