Issue with GPS or FC - Help needed to undestand which one

Hello ,

I got a POWER.FLAGS 8 (overcurrent) and the gps and compass went flat (health on compass 0 Nsats 0 ) . am not sure if its the GPS unit or the CAN port on the FC or the FC it self .

Is there a way i can test the the HERE3 to see if its ok ? or the CAN buss on the cube orange ?

Can someone please help with this ?

Best wishes.

Any idea why Power,Vcc? spikes and gps stops ? what could be the issue here ? cables seem fine .


Could i please get your opinion , what went wrong from the logs ?



hello could i have some help please ?

Yes,I can see a sudden increase on power.vcc.
What device did you connect on your carrier board?
Can you share your set up if you do not mind?

Hello @Mike_ZY ,

Thank you for your reply!

i have a smart AP PDB that gives power to FC, motors, gimbal, telemetry, herelink,
on the FC i have :

  • the gps1 cable with the safety switch cable
  • i2c connected to the i2c strip board and on this 2 terrabee evo 40 & 60m
  • Usb with buzzer and usb cable
  • Telem1 with rfd900 (external power)
  • telem2 goes to herelink
  • can1 to here3
  • sbus to herelink
  • 6X Main out motors 501 t-motor 2006 props
  • AUX Out 5 trigger for camera

Was that the info you needed ?

Thanks again for looking into this,
Best !

I think might be a sudden power increase or short circuit on your device.
Can you please check that?
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Hello @Mike_ZY ,

How do i check that ? which device you mean the Here3?

Thank you ,

@Mike_ZY @Alvin

Am waiting since the 30th of July for your support on the products i bough from your conpany

Can you please help understand what is happening here ?

@Mike_ZY i can see the flags that say overrcurrent

What is next ? How can i be sure that either here3 or cubeorange is not faulty

Best !

Can you please check all onboard device and make sure they all functional ?
Can you operate these device one by one each time and and monitor board voltage on GCS ?
Didi connect your gps on another can port to check it?