Joysticks suddenly stopped working

Hey everyone,

i have a strage problem: both joysticks an the wheel suddenly stopped working. The remote was not moved or even powered on, it was just sitting in the shelf.
At first i tried recallibrating them, but i didnt get any feedback from the calibration app. (Where you have to chase the red circels). Strange thing is, that i can calibrate the wheel successfully but not the joysticks.

I tried a factory reset. Joysticks still not working.
I tried reflashing with the win-flasher. Joysticks still not working.

Does someone have an idea about that?

I’m also having same problem since yesterday… What is going on???

If you applied too much force on the gimbals you might have “removed” an SMD component on the board next to the gimbals. After that the gimbals will not work any more.

But you might probably just have an error in you’re procedure and after repeating it, everything will be ok.

Hey Tobias, thanks for your answer. I don’t know, like i said the remote worked as normal a few days before and wasn’t touched since that day.

I repeated the procedure around 20 times, with videos and the manual. I don’t think i did something wrong…

If you have tried reflashing and recalibrated correctly but it still not working, you may contact your reseller for RMA.
If you have soldering skill and have confidence to fix it yourself, we can give you the instructions. But opening the chassis will void the warranty.