Kakute F7 with Herelink

I would like control my Kakute F7 with Herelink (use Herelink as SBUS receiver/telemetry). It Is possible?
And i would like to use Inav in software.

What is connection with herelink and FC?

Thanks you


Inav is not supported, we have no intention of supporting it.

Please use Ardupilot.

HereLink will function with any Ardupilot (or PX4) autopilot as long as it has S.Bus in

However, we will not actively support any autopilot other than Cubes.

Hi @Maxime_Bignard

I have connected the Herelink to Matek F722 std. with iNav 2.2.1 and the SBUS works, but I am having problem setting up the telemetry.

I think you need to adjust the baud rate, on the hand held of the Herelink to get the telemetry. I am still trying this to work.

If the telemetry works it will be the best combination to build light weight model.

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Indeed the idea is to do something light, and not to do an automatic flight.

How did you connect the SBUS and telemetry to your card?

Thank you !

Ardupilot runs on that board…

Yes the board run with ardupilot. But what is herelinks connections with this board? that the question… :slight_smile:

Same as any other Ardupilot board… RC in and uart


Herelink works with Matek F722 std. board. I have tested the SBUS and I have got the board to arm without any problem but unable to get the telemetry to come through to the ground station. If you are experienced with setting up the F3, F4 & F7 flight controllers you may be able to assist me with this part? This option will save me around 200 grams if I could get the telemetry to work.

I have not written down the connection I made when I connected the Matek F722 std. Will redo the connection again and provide you the details soon.

Since I did not get telemetry with the Matek F722 std. I moved on and tested next alternative Pixhawk 4 mini from Holybro. And I can report the Herelink works with Pixhawk 4 mini without any problem and I get full telemetry function. In my opinion it works better than the Mission Planner from Ardupilot, because both run on QGC. This option has saved me around 130 grams.

Sorry for the delay in reply, since it is school holidays I do not get enough time to do further research.


Thank you very much for your informations. because i plug UART+TELEM on kakute F7 with Herelink cable, but don’t work… And i don’t know why…

So, your idea with Pixhawk mini it a very good new. But what do we gain with this board in regard to cube + Mini carrier board (airbot) ?

Weight, size?

Thank you

Or, someone tried to use it with dropix V2?



If it runs ardupilot, or PX4 it will work.