Large VTOL Autotune issue

Is there a way to save parts of an autotune if it does not finish? I have a large VTOL that can only hover for 3-4 min, each autotune (roll, pitch, yaw) takes about 4-5 min to complete. I do only one vector at a time but still can not complete the specific tune process in one flight. How can i stop an autotune in mid-tune, land, swap batteries, takeoff and continue from the same spot in the tune process?
I know in Q_autotune you have to land in autotune and disarm to save the tune. But once you power down from a battery swap and power back up the autotune starts from the beginning again. Any help or advice would be appreciated. Thanks and Merry Xmas.

Land before hitting battery failsafe and stick the Cube on USB power while you change the battery.

It will save only one axis if it you only mange one, you can then change AUTOTUNE_AXIS to start the next axis in the next flight.

When i disarm will it save the progress? When i re-arm will it reset and start the autotune from the beginning or pick up where it left off? For example, I select to AUTOTUNE_AXIS =1 (roll), i fly for 3 min and get 75% of the roll axis complete. Battery gets low, land while still in Q_autotune, disarm (for safety), plug in USB, disconnect battery, replace, disconnect USB, Arm (can i even arm in autotune?), takeoff, get to altitude and go to mid-throttle. Will it start at 75% complete an finish the final 25% or start back at 0%?

If the above sequence is not what you had in mind please explain. Thanks.

What you can do is:
1: apply sane/better manual tune (that will shorten the process)
2: abort and land when you need, read and PIDs logged during autotune, apply them as your PID’s - (this way you will shorten the process.) - and continue to tune with next battery…

In DF log, when using autotune, the current PID’s are stored in ATUN.RP ATUN.RD ATUN.SP)

Thanks, will the PIDS save to the config parameter list (PTCH2SRV_D, PTCH2SRV_I, PTCH2SRV_P, etc.), real time? If so after landing in Q_autotune, i can save params, change batts, the upload params again.

yes, you can monitor those, or even graph them, but do not save/restore all parameters, there is a lot of dynamic parameters that change every boot.

Thanks, i’ll give it a go.