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Herelink experts -
I’m setting up the cam button for shutter and video trigger. I’m using the seagull rec with my Sony. What I’d like to do is have a short press trigger the shutter (1330), and a long press trigger the video (1880). When it is not pressed, the value should return to 1500. Is there any way to do this without setting a 3rd button as default to reset the channel back to 1500? Am I missing something or is this a current limitation?


I have the same problem.
How can I cofigure the buttons to work in this way?

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It might be possible in solex in the near future is what I’ve been told.

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having the same problem …
but hey … who cares about controlling cameras and other sensors these days …

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The Seagul has a a setup that’s not currently compatible with Herelink button config a single button for still land video, You can program it on two buttons though.

I have spoken to Sid and the team about having a config on a single button with a short and long press and explained it’s a common setup, they are going to look at some options in the future hopefully.

I am also working on a Lua script for this my self as well and will try to put some time into that later today again.

As I said you can program with two buttons though for shutter and video.

Here and now it’s not achievable with out


Ive may have just found a work-around for this.
On Herelink button setup (SBUS) - NOT Solex
Set CAM short press - default 1500 momentary 1330 (shutter release) (im using chan 13 mapped to servo 7 ~rec channel1)

On Solex buttons (mavlink)
Camera button > long click > set servo (channel 7, 1800 - for video).
When cam button is pressed long the PWM momentarily goes to 1330 but then jumps to 1800 until released.

Not tried it with camera but at least the PWMs are doing what I want.

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I am working on a Lua script that will give what people want on this. I have it 80% there today and I will share it once I’m happy it’s doing what it should be.

I’ll try and get a version out later today or tomorrow.

How are you using Sbus Pass through and servo on the same output on the controller ?

Also note for video I believe the channel has to be held at 1800 to record


Ian, actually its not controlling the camera properly as the ‘long press’ temporally drops before going to the vid 1800 and yes you are right, it needs to be held at 1800. I thought it was a toggle.
Thought I had it sussed for a moment.
Will be interested to see your script. I started looking at doing that but would need too much study first.
Could I ask if SBUS2 is now working (I see its selectable as output). I was wondering if I could connect my SimbleBGC gimbal directly to the Herelink SBUS 2 output instead of via the cube and then out the telemetry2.