Linux possibility on Herelink?

Hi there, I’m looking at the Herelink because it seems to be the perfect fit for what I need on a small quad project I’m working on. I’ve been looking for a nice controller with built-in screen (sorta like a Switch almost) that is actually available and I can get ahold of easily. My main sticking point is that I’m working on some control software that I need to run on the controller and the easiest way (for me) is to be running Linux on the controller + display. I’ve seen that this guy runs Android but I’m wondering if anyone has attempted or thought about trying to run a Linux ARM distribution on this controller?

It might not be possible, but I’d probably give it a shot, otherwise I’ll probably just bite the bullet and move my stuff to android and see if I can integrate it that way.

Unfortunately there is no Linux district for this chip yet, it’s on our list.