Load Mission with Solex

Good Morning all,

Yesterday I made my first flight with SOLEX. I had several problems:

1- I was unable to make the drone fly the mission that I made in the Mission tab, in the controller. Normally in QgroundControl the mission should be uploaded, then you can fly it. But in Solex I did not find any way to upload it. I just tried to change to guided mode, but the drone stays in the place.

2- After the last update, sometimes Solex freezes and I have to close the application.

3- Again video problems, the video stream was frozen, and I had to reboot everything.

I need help with this please.

To fly a mission in Solex, you upload it from the Flight screen. Open the flight screen, and click on the map icon in the bottom right corner of the screen. A map will appear with a “Layers” button near the bottom left. Click that, and click “Missions”, and you’ll see the mission you created in a menu. Click the mission, and some buttons will appear to let you upload the mission to the vehicle and fly it.

Thanks a lot!!! :slight_smile:

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I have a suggestion, when you go into the vehicle tab, you can see the battery voltage but not the % to see the % I had to go to the HUD view, could be possible to have the % as well in the vehicle tab??