Mavlink-router on USB teethering

Is there a way to connect a mavlink router running on my raspberry to the mavlink stream when connected to USB teethering?
I read on the forum that broadcast works only on wifi teethering so i was wondering if there is another place where i could connect my mavlink router to.
I can connect to with mavproxy and it works but mavlink router can’t. Maybe @Michael_Oborne can give some help here?



if you can connect mavproxy to it, then there is no reason you cant connect mavlink router. you might need to specify the bindport in mavlink router to make it work

@Michael_Oborne Would you be so kind to paste a mavlink router line that connects? Something like:
Mavlink-routerd …
I couldn’t in 2 days i am trying.


If i start on my raspberry: --master=udpout: --out=udpbcast:
Everything works and stream is rebroadcasted on the wifi network that the raspberry creates.

Now i would like to use mavlink-router to do the same, i pretty much tried everything but nothing seems to work:

Error binding socket (Cannot assign requested address)
Could not open

mavlink-routerd -e
Open UDP [4]
Error binding socket (Cannot assign requested address)
Could not open

I just can’t connect to source of stream no matter what i try.

i think you need to be using the config file, not cmd line options. the error is to do with your setup, or ip range.

Ok understand, great help as usual :slight_smile: