Microsd extension?

We have a use case for remote access of the microsd on the cube. Basically, the pixhawk is in a cabinet and access is a pain. Not to mention that we have worn out at least one microsd slot (thanks in part to poor handling) and would like to save wear on these by using a replaceable extension.

The problem is that OTS ribbon extensions don’t seem to work, the cube won’t recognize cards plugged in (or at least I get continuous bad logging from ardupilot). I’m not sure if this is a hardware limit with the cube, or a software thing with ardupilot (hoping for this). But I would welcome comments from someone who has solved this, knows a path to solving it, knows that its just not possible, or who may have another solution.

If you have a companion computer fitted, you can do logging directly on it and then connect Ethernet or wifi to download the logs.

Wasn’t aware of this, We’re pursuing this option, thanks!

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