Moderate change in mag_field (27.29%)

I just checking my Here 2 GPS on octocopter. And after several test and flights I still get “Moderate change in mag_field (27.29%)” when I am checking log in Auto Analysis in Mission Planner. I successfully calibrated compass several times. Here 2 is located over 16 cm from escs batteries etc. My firmware 3.6.11. I changed the place of the Here 2 and it didn’t help. Is this “Moderate change in mag_field (27.29%)” is something I should be worried ?

Log is here:

In HW ID section of Mission Planner I get info that I have 3 compasses:

and id 1 is on I2C
ID2 is on SPI
ID3 is on SPI
is that mean that I have one compass external in here2 and 2 internal compasses in Cube Black ?

Yes correct. Compass one is set to external and is the here 2 , the SPI is internal.

You can disable one or both of the internal depending on your setup.

Ok thanks now it’s clear. The difference is to big because it measure extended compass and internal compass