More sensor information on Solex


Is it possible to view more drone information on Solex just like QGC.
I see that Solex displays only limited information like Altitude, GPS, Battery, Current draw, Satellites, and HDOP.

How to view more live parameters as we can view in QGC.

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What additional information are you looking for?

Information like horizontal speed, vertical speed, mah consumed, sensor data, waypoint distance, gimbal angles etc.

Individual cell voltages would be great.

Is there a component that can be added to bring in the individual cell voltages into Solex or is they are an ad on Wi-Fi component available?

I’ll put some thought into where to display that without cluttering the screen up. I’m thinking about making the top bar configurable, this might be a possibility. The info is all there, just a matter of showing it on the screen without drowning other things out.

Yes, this would be another thing that could be configurable to display.

  1. You could add all the information in the sidebar which comes up on clicking “Telemetry” on flight page.
  2. Or as you said, you can make the top bar configurable.
  3. Or maybe similar to the “map screen” where camera footage is minimized and map is shown, you could add a similar screen for all the “Status” variables similar to mission planner.


Hi @kellyschrock

Can in current version we can see the mah consumed and individual battery voltage ? If not, are there any plans to implement this in solex tx on next update ?