Motors twitching at zero Throttle


Please help. While my throttle is held in the zero position my motors twitch momentarily every few seconds. I am using the orange cube on the most recent version of stable firmware. Any clue to Why this is happening and what the fix may be?

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i have an idea of what this is but cant say for certain.

Does this only happen when your aircraft is disarmed? or when its armed and throttle is at 0 on the tx? is this a new build? or at least new escs?

regardless, i think it’s your escs. some escs emit a tone when they see only power and no signal, or possibly signal below a certain threshold, causing them to twitch. i think yours are doing that, but the beeps are not strong enough to be heard or are muted by rotors and frame.

my escs cause my motors to twitch and emit a tone every couple seconds when i’m disarmed. once i’m armed, my fc sends out a low throttle signal of 1050us or so(can’t remember the actual number) and that is far enough above my esc’s minimum signal to stop the beeping.

possibly calibrate your escs again, and look at any parameters having to do with the throttle low end signal.

that would be my guess without knowing more about your build.

@mikefaith have you had a chance to read this? it’s on my list for initial setup.

I think getting this setup will address your issue(s).

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This is a new build. Right now and from what I have noticed it only happens add zero throttle and disarmed.


Hello David,

I will go to your recommended link and give it a try.



Hello David,

I had initially gone through this setup. But, I will go through it again to see if it helps. Other then that, do you have any other suggestions that I can try in the event that dose not work.

Below is a pic of my UAV. I am excited to get it in the air.

have you performed an ESC (re)calibration? Also, do you have another board that you can install Betaflight on? It’s a quick way to perform a calibration and motor test too. Are they BLHeli ESCs? Is the ESC firmware up to date?

I will try recalibrating again. They are BLHeli Oneshot ESP’s specifically I am using 4 KDE-USA125+UHV ESC’s with 4 KDE7215XF-135 brushless motors for heavy lifting multirotor drones.

I am going to update the firmware on the electric speed controls to see if that’ll help and go through ESC calibration again.

unless it is at precise intervals, on all motors, and the motors beep … it may be grounding/noise problems.
if you post a video of it, it should be trivial to see if it is intentional by ESC or not.

I had a similar problem. For me it was the when the cube black sent the heartbeat pulse to the rfd900 modem the output of the rfd was too close to a servo wire which the servo interpreted as a move command. It pulsed the servos.

Motors will normally twitch when it gives the audible heartbeat that it is receiving from the ESC. That pulse is correct and normal.

The solution is to either lower the power output of the telemetry radio (or whatever thing on your aircraft that is emitting a signal), or shorten the wire lengths or attach a ferrule around the wire that you think is receiving the interference. The best option is to move your antenna until the pulsing stops.

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