New HereLink firmware Button Config

Good morning all,

Yesterday I updated all my Herelink radios and receivers to the last firmware version. I am really disappointing with the button configuration. I liked way more how it was before. Now I only can assign a flight mode per button, there is not long press and short press anymore, and the button located on the top right corner does not work anymore. Also the wheel is pre-configured to change the flight mode and cannot be changed. Maybe I am not doing it correctly or there is another way to configure it.

If not, I would like to suggest improving this aspect for next releases, because honestly, now it is way worse.


Also looks like all the buttons are mapped by default to channel 5. How could I now use a button for emergency stop, or for a servo payload releasing device? Or how could I assign the buttons to different channels to do things??

Please do not tell me that is not possible :frowning:

Yes, the scroll wheel is locked on the channel 5, it is a bug that has been already spotted, but you can configure the others with Solex. It is the best way actually.
But no worry, ProfiCNC/Hex team are working hard to push the next release very soon.
You will be please to discover the new buttons menu

Morning Julien,

Thanks again for your fast reply. I opened Solex, It was totally new for me. I saw how to configure the buttons in Solex. Its better.

I hope that for the next release, they will add the same features for QGroundcontrol. Also It would be great to give great flexibility to the user to configure the buttons. For example, assign any channel to any button, long and short press and so on…

Also it would be cool a function like for example:

Button A => channel 7, so anytime you push A, channel 7 increases the PWM output by x, and when you reach the maximum restarts, and long press decreases the PWM output by x, and when you go below the minimum goes to the maximum.

I think HereLink is a great platform, but I miss the flexibility of the FrSky Radios. I hope the HereLink team would do their best.

There is tons coming, not everything people will ever want but A lot more and I’m sure people will be pleased.

I created a pull request for Servo control and others in QGC last week so that’s been seen. I don’t know if that will make this release.

Solex TX is the way forward IMO as Kelly is really involved and doing great things. And fast.

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Thanks Ian,

The options now for QgroundControl are really scarce. I cannot even use a emergency stop, nor a servo payload release. So are you saying that I can create pull requests for them, to make suggestion and have them consider add the features to the next releases??


QGC would probably been supported to keeps this kind of functionalities but Solex TX will become the best app for Herelink. Kelly make a super work on this app, he is super reactive, and as Ian said he do great things.
Herelink will become RC controllers killer very soon

No the pull request is already in. I did that last week. I don’t know if that will make next release though as the guys have been working hard on the Sbus buttons.

Again Solex is the way forward for this as it’s just better imo.