New Herelink Video system

Hi i just saw that has a new herelink where it says that has more brightness and a new ethernet port. Does anyone have already use it? can you are some experiences

The new herelink has 1000nit brightness, and you can see the image on screen very clear, even under bright sun light.

Well i just read that the new herelink comes with a ethernet port, what would be the utility of it?

i hope will have the hdmi port too

it does have hdmi since the first version. It has two actually

Is there any documentation about that Ethernet port?

Can we use IP cameras now?

Kind regards

you can, its not recommended though.
the reason
herelink tightly controls the video bitrate so that as the link degrades with distance, the video still works.
With an ip camera, at some distance, the bitrate will be higher than what’s available on the link, and will likely be very patchy and broken up.

Yet what does it do the ether net port? What could be an example of its use?