New Micro USB Port Cable / Beeper, Available Separately?

Hi, in the newer Cubes that I have been buying, there is a cable that plugs into the white USB port on the carrier board, which then goes to a micro USB port as well as the buzzer/beeper. I looked at a few cable sets that I ordered last year and it is a different cable.

I’ve been looking for this separately but can’t seem to find it. Anyone have a link to it? Sorry unfortunately I don’t have any photos…

Anyone know if this is available separately? Much appreciated… thanks!


Hi Bobby,

Do you want buzzer only or USB only ?

It’s a new cable that has both USB and buzzer.

Any reseller should be able to sell you a cable kit. It’s in that. Just specify that you want that specific cable just in case they have old stock

Thanks Philip, will do!

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