New Pixhawk 2.1 Cube update interrupted

I do hope I’m posting to the right place, if not please point me in the right direction.

My question is, how do I resume an interrupted initial firmware update on a new Pixhawk 2.1 Cube? I am using Mission Planner 1.3.62 build 1.3.6917.15581, which is the latest update, but now it tells me COM6 doesn’t exist and refuses to connect to the cube.

I am certain the USB drivers are OK, the problem started when the firmware update was interrupted.

Any help will be very greatly appreciated.

Kindest regards, Gil.

? Did you select yes when popup asked if you want chibios. If you selected yes it will have a new comport number chibios and nuttx have different. All my cubes with nuttx open with comport 3. My cube blacks with chibios open with comport 5. My stock solo cube in cube black carrier board with Rover chibios uses comport 4

Thanks for your reply, hdtechk, I appreciate it.

No, I clicked on OK when it said wait for the sounds to finish, which was probably my fault except I did not expect such a complete failure on such a small mistake. It had already taken over 30-40 minutes while I was on another job and when I came back I couldn’t see anything happening, so assumed it had completed the update.

I have successfully completed updates and configuration on Pixhawk PX4s with this setup Mission Planner assigns COM6 for them as well, and initially it did the same thing but now there are no ports at all. When I type in COM6 it tells me the port doesn’t exist.

Right now there is no fail-safe that I can find, and I need to know how to recover the cube and complete the firmware update. This gear is very expensive and I simply cannot afford such a loss when the cube has never even been used. It had only just arrived from the US.

Try opening Mission Planner , going to the firmware screen, then plug in the cube. this process should boot the cube into bootloader mode.

from there just click to upload a firmware, and when asked to unplug the hardware, leave it attached.

OK, got it, thanks Michael. I was right the first time, I went and did another job so wasn’t watching what was happening. I did it again this time on one of the desktops which assigned COM1 and COM3 to Mission Planner.
All good on COM1, update completed in good order, but then failed to connect. The issue now is what seems to be a common problem; no heartbeat packets received. I’ll chase up those threads and see what I can shake out of them. And thank you too, hdtechk. I’ll give you and update when I have it sorted.

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Check your sd card is installed correctly

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