New V1.1 HereLink doesn't see wifi networks

Not a happy start with my brand new HereLink V1.1.

Powered up the controller for the first time - and followed the instructions.

Went to settings to connect to a 5G network. No networks are displayed. Occasionally one that belongs to a neighbor shows up.

My Android cellphone next to it sees all of those I can normally pick up here. I need the one called NETGEAR-5G.

I try adding the SSID “NETGEAR-5G” manually and nothing happens - it’s as if I hadn’t entered at all.

Suggestions? Thanks you!

Wow - the answer was indeed right here in the docs. I mistakenly thought setting the region was an Android setting - because it affects the Android’s ability to detect wi-fi networks.

Yes - I do feel a bit like a moron for having missed this this afternoon.