No Video Error 404 (Overheating Herelink Air Unit)

I recently have been flying my quad with the Herelink and Go Pro. Everything has been working great until one particular flight. During that flight the video stopped transmitting but everything else was still ok. So I returned home to land. The Go Pro was working normally. I tried a different video cable but same result. I tried a another video source that worked in the past but it didn’t work this time. Trying to figure the problem out I noticed that distinct smell of hot electronics. I’m thinking that something has happened to this Air Unit. It still works normally except for the video and apparent overheating. Its been power supplied with a castle BEC running at 6VDC. I’m at a loss with ideas and don’t know what to do.

I’d double check the BECs output. After that it’s time to contact support I’d assume.

The BEC output was checked again. It still is outputting 6V. I originally connected the BEC to the unit at the minimum voltage required so the Air Unit wouldn’t run hot. But now i’m curious whats wrong as I don’t remember it running this hot before. But since the Video doesn’t seem to be working anymore it definitely seems like a bigger issue. I’ll contact support.

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