No Video Transmission?

Greetings All. I am having trouble with a new HereLink system that we are setting up in a USV. When the system is powered on, there is no video transmission from a GoPro Hero 7 to the hand control unit (HCU), the background screen is completely black. Here is some info:

  • HereLink and air unit are both on Firmware AU01220917

  • I have tried 2 different GoPro Hero 7 black cameras. Both cameras work and pass transmission on a different Herelink transmitter and HCU (Firmware AAU01211129) here are pics of the 2 cameras transmitting video on a different USV. – I do not think the cameras are the problem –

Camera 1

Camera 2

  • Neither of these cameras transmit video on the system in question. I have tried using 3 different HDMI cables in the 2 cameras, and tried both of the HDMI outputs on the transmitter.

  • When the HCU first connects to the transmitter, it give the message “Waiting for Video” on the grey back ground, then when the parameters are being loaded, the background goes black.

  • The background on the unit even goes black when there are no HDMI cable connected to the transmitter

Any ideas? I have tried 2 different cameras, 3 different HDMI cables (with each camera), and tried both of the HDMI ports on the transmitter and cannot get video to pass. I did not change the video transmission setting on the HCU, and I use the same settings on the units that do pass data.

Please let me know if you need any additional information or if it is recommended to submit a RMA. I have recorded a video turning everything on, showing the result, you can view it here:

Thanks for your time.

Hi Lan, the picture shows the airunit firmware only.
Can you please share a picture of your cotroller firmware?

Greetings Mike,

Sure, it is ARU01220804.

I clicked the “Check for update” and it says “System up to Date”. So I suspect it is an issue with different firmware as the air unit is AU01220917 and it says that this local version is same as online version. Do you have a recommendation which firmware I should use? How do I get them to be the same version? Thanks!

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Hi Lan, the firmwares are matched ,as long as the they both 0122.
Can you please send this unit to your local dealer for RMA ?

Greetings Mike, is it a hand unit problem or an air unit problem, or is it unknown?

Can you do a swap test with Controller and Airunit ?

That is the only set we have in the shop at the moment.