No video with latest Herelink FW and hawkeye 4K Split

Hi, I’v got some issue with my video link since I updated my air unit 1.1 and herelink 1.1 to the latest firmware.
I’m using a hawkeye 4K Split who was worjing great before the update and now I’ve got no more video.
The weirdest thing is, that I can get video if I plug and unplug the HDMI cable from the herelink.
So now i’ve got video yes everything great! But when I try to unplug and plug the battery, the video won’t show up, even if 5 seconds before I had video working great and I touched nothing.

Also I’v tried the same camera with an Air unit 1.0 and a Herelink 1.0 and it worked without any problem