Only one compass in mission planner is shown


am trying to do the initial setup on the cube orange with a here 3 connected to CAN1.

When i go to mission planner (which is now different than what the docs depict) i see only one compass listed , when i calibrate it only MAG 1 gets values and fills out the green bar .

How can i calibrate all 3 of them ?

Thanks in advanced,

May I know if you have setup the parameters correctly?

Also, Cube Orange has only 1 internal compass, which gives you 2 compasses in total with Here3 installed.

Hi Alvin ,

excuse me i forgot to close this.

I didnt see this part

  • Two onboard compasses Cube Black, Green, Blue

    • these consist of 1 on the IMU board
  • 1 Fixed on the FMU

    • One onboard compass Cube Orange, Cube Yellow

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