Orange Cube Hover Learn and Autotune

I have been trying to relearn the autotune on Arducopter 4.0.5
Yesterdays results were severe aggressiveness on the twitching on larger vehicle.
Decided to move Cube hardware to smaller test platform to feel more comfortable with the autotune before proceeding again.
We reduced to 20 degrees max bank and set ATC_RAT_RLL_FLTT to 0 today.
Now it is producing “sputtering” and let the vehicle get out of control.
Also cant get the Motor to learn hover, or at least when we refresh MP through UDP with Herelink the parameter never changes. Tried USB cable after a 1 minute test hover and it did not change either.
OrangeCube/ArduCopter 4.0.5/ MissionPlanner/Here3/HereFlow/Herelink/SFC11/11" Prop Quad
@iampete @philip

Have you got a .bin log file you can share?
Have you been through the tuning guide…
…and set some initial params to suit your aircraft? Leave INS_GYRO_FILTER at 20.

@xfacta I can look for the logs if interested, however I hope to try again in the coming days and can share new log.
Yes, I am familiar with the ardu link you shared, I keep a printed copy with me when going out to the field for easy reference.
I love the work you put into the spreadsheet, have you tried getting this posted to the wiki? This would be greatly beneficial to many new builders.