Payload activated when arming


I’m 90% through a project using the cube and have added a spinner for the work we will be carrying out.

In a brief summary, I have connected the payload to the AUX OUT 1 port of the rail and set the channel to be activated when the CAM button on the here link is pressed (on toggle).

The depression of the CAM button activates the spinner as it should but the spinner is also activated when I arm the UAV?

Can someone let me know what settings i have to change to 1. Not activate the spreader when the UAV is armed and 2. What should i be setting if i want to activate the spreader in using way points?

Thanks for any help in advance.

Do set servo

Post a parameter list. Something is most likely not good with your RC9 parameters or Servo 9. What pwm activates your spinner.

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