Pin description error in Cube documentation

There seems to be an error in the pinout for connector “UART GENERIC (autopilot side)” in the Cube documentation found at: (and the DRS_Pixhawk-2-17th-march-2016.pdf document)

The CTS pin is described as an out pin and the RTS is described as an in pin, but it I’m pretty sure it should be the other way around. The Pixhawk Connector Standard has the pins correctly labeled as CTS (IN) and RTS (OUT).

Can somebody confirm that this is the case and that I’m not missing something?

There are errors everywhere on here. The first instance being the spektrum jack. The board GND is pin 2 but on here it is marked as pin 3 . Looks like everything is copy and paste from the manual. These need to be fixed up like the CAN jack that was incorrectly labled on the earlier carrier boards. Work around it like I did. Cheers