Pixhawk connection with Laser Rangefinder

Hi, I am trying to connect the Benewake laser rangefinder TF03-100 with the Pixhawk Cube. The rangefinder seems to be getting the power from the pixhawk but the value of the rangefinder is not shown on mission planner. I have tried connecting the TF03 to the CAN2 port and even the Telem port but I seem to not get any output in either case. I have crosschecked the parameters and they seem to be fine. Any help would be great.

Only in regards to powering it: 5 Volt I2C and Serial Insufficient
How are you powering it?

I was powering it with the pixhawk itself. The pixhawk was connected to a 3S battery.

I have resolved the issue. There might have been a problem with the cube because when I tried with a different cube it seemed to work on the Telem1 port.

Is there any other port that we can connect the rangefinder with apart from the telem1?
If there is can you provide with the correct pin connections.