Pixhawk Cube Black Reboot Problem

We had cubeblack which with terraranger one which rebooted just before touching the ground during a landing sequence.

Share log.

Are you power your sensor with the power from the cube?

What firmware you using as there is some nasty bugs in older versions and Ardupilot that can cause a forced reboot in rare circumstances.

Also more info on the setup would be great.

Sorry for the late response, We are using ArduCopter 4.0.5 with IRLock and Teraranger One. During the mission precision land was disabled however rangefinder was still on. Takeoff was done in Guided mode with target altitude of 10 meters. After the multi-copter achieved 10 meters mode was switched to LAND. The multi-copter descended to almost 0.3 meters when it rebooted and flipped over. The log can be found here.

where are you power on your sensor, the IRLock and the Teraranger? How much your multicopter weight? 150Amps for 8mt high its a lot!
May I know why you are using from servo2 to servo5 to setup your motors and you didnt start from the 1?

what are you using to power on the cube? The board voltage looks very low…

And are you sure your IRLock was working? On the telemetry file is no PL to check…

Hi, our systems weighs around 40kg. The reason we used servo2 and 5 is accessibility to the cube is an issue in our current design. We are using the Mauch hub x2 to power the cube. I had disabled the IRLock for this particular flight. We powered the Teraranger with a BEC 12V output. The 5V output of the same BEC was plugged in the I2C hub. Hope this helps.

The log ends at when you mentioned it rebooted, which is as expected. So there are not very much useful information logged.
The power supply to the Cube seems stable.
Is there any device that may be triggered or drawing a lot of power at 3m suddenly? Though I believe it is irrelevant as you have mentioned they are independently powered…

The reason we used servo2 and 5 is accessibility to the cube is an issue in our current design.

Can you tell more details? Is it like hardware limitation which leaves no space for MAIN1 connection?

We have tried to keep the cube as close as possible to the CG. Therefore inserting the ESC connectors in the cube servo pins is difficult if we try to match the corresponding motor with default pins assigned. Therefore we always connect the pins randomly and then configure the servo function parameter. In this particular case all the motors got shifted by one pin therefore we configured 2 to 5 instead of trying to shift all motor connections again. I can also share the telemetry from Mission Planner if that helps.

What is powering the cube?

We are powering the cube over power 1 connector using the Mauch Hub x2.