Pixhawk Cube not communicating with Mission Planner via SUNTOR LINK

Hi, i am finding some problem regarding communication of pixhawk cube with SUNTOR LINK. Suntor is a long range video/data transmission and can communicate via serial port. Therefore, I configured the link for to baud rate of 57600 and the same configuration was made for cube autopilot. The RTS AND CTS pins were not connected and were set to AUTO mode in cube autopilot. After several tries, the autopilot refused to communicate via suntor wireless link. In order to check the cube/standard carrier board, i directly connected the telem1 port to my laptop via usb (ttl to usb) and it was connected in a first try. From this, i concluded that there is no problem with pixhawk or carrier board and i mau be missing some configuration settings. I am stuck since 1 to 2 weeks in this problem. Guidance in this regard will be highlt appreciated…


Have you asked Suntor? What communication settings do they suggest? Have you confirmed the suntor link by itself? Maybe do a loopback check?

@philip, After several days of hard work and troubleshooting, we found that the problem was related to voltage levels (probably due to high sink current, the voltage levels dropped). Therefore, the problem was resolved using a level converter with the following methodoIogy:
CMOS (Pixhawk Side) to RS232 to TTL (SUNTOR Side)

Ok :slight_smile: