Pixhawk2 doesn't work

My cube black didn’t work today.
I can’t connect it using USB by mission planner.
The port number was lost.
It worked before as com8 , when I plug in, sometime shows com8, sometime shows com3, but both one doesn’t connect.
Joystick remote control and telemetry control was lost too. GPS light is not normal.

What is wrong.
How to repair it.

Thank you for any advise.

Can you try another usb cable? Also try using the usb extender

Yes, tried another cable.

The problem is not only USB port , the remote control doesn’t work too, telemetry radio connection has problem too.

The GPS light can’t change to green.

Whole pixhawk looks problem.

I have another cubeblack, it works s well using same USB cable and remote control and telemetry radio.

Try reseating on the carrier board and post a pic of your USB port.