Plane crash

After I completed my first plane build as it should … it fly for 5 seconds and hit the ground
could anyone please look at the logs I already uploaded them in the link below

Ardupilot or PX4?

ardupilot 4.0.5

Your COMPASS_ORIENT is set to 10. That is Roll 180 deg and yaw 90 degrees. I suppose this could be correct, in some weird case where the autopilot had to be mounted in some custom way, or you are using a non standard flight controller. But normally this would be set to 0 when using a Cube, or other flight controller.

Can you tell us more details about your setup and what you have done to test it? Having trouble finding which channel you have set up your throttle. In the auto analysis it says the throttle was never above 20 percent. I see that in the log, but yet I hear your motor above 20 percent in the video. So I am confused.



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I never changed COMPASS_ORIENT to 10 it’s on it’s default value i don’t know why it’s set to 10 , my FC is Cube black and it’s flashed with arduplane 4.0.5 and it’s mounted flat and forward ,i did the basic sensor calibrations and after compass calibration is done it kept telling me that compass calibration needed so i unchecked it from preflight check and but throttle to 100 percent and throw it (throttle on ch3) it fly straight to the sky and then turned straight to the ground and crashed.
Thanks in advance

Never bypass compass checks! Never bypass any checks.

If it’s telling you something is wrong, then something is wrong.

Thanks for your help I recalibrate it and removed power cables from under the Cube, I think there was a magnetic field because of the power cable. and then it just flew normally.