"Please use CAN as your primary GPS"

I would like to take this advice but I am not sure how it will work with the Here+ I am using.
My questions are:
If I purchase a Here2 as a second receiver and run it on CAN as the primary GPS.
Will I lose RTK accuracy?
What hardware do you recommend?
Will the HerePro run on CAN?

The main reason we are not running on CAN in our set up is the safety switch. The other switch that ships with the Cube is not great quality and gets very fickle to use very quickly (i.e. move button to one side then push down and hope it connects). If the Cube shipped with a small PCB switch and button just like the one currently on the GPS pucks I would switch to using CAN in a heartbeat.

I think it’s possible to hardwire switch on here2 to cube carrier like in serial mode.

you can connect the safety switch still if you want to…

regarding RTK, we are waiting on that support via ardupilot…

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You’ve just confirmed that what I was planning to do is OK :slightly_smiling_face:

Just thought …
Do the LEDs work on CAN ?

Yes you just need to enable them under NTF_LED_TYPES enable UAVCAN.

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Thank You :slightly_smiling_face:

Hmm I need to look more as I can’t find any reference to enabling CAN Baro my self.

It’s not in GND or CAN prams or coming up in search.

Check on the Here2 itself…

Yea it’s enabled in SLCAN and I did it there but there is no where to tell Ardu to use it instead of I2C.

All external option are for I2C as well in beta MP.

As far as I can see there is no option to tell Ardu to use CAN Baro like you can for GPS.

Something else I have spotted is there was a post from last year saying that the Baro and temp messages were not in the main CAN GPS message yet For here 2 , has this been changed now ?

Also we really could do with a much better way of dealing with the compasses it’s still messy with MP, yes we have the ID page but it’s still doing some funky stuff with the compass on CAN, I know it pushes to last detected by default on CAN but then you have to manually choose it as main compass ect. It’s all a little messy as it’s not going to ever be compass 1 even when external. Also seeing both internal and external being set as external when telling it to detect on the Cube yellow. Need to play with this more to confirm.

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Totally agree, Siddharth is working on a whole new method to sort sensors, hopefully for 4.0