Power off in the air


I have posted this issue on ardupilot forum, but I would like your opinion here too.

@philip can you give it a look pls? :slight_smile:


Please post the Df log

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Hi @Michael_Oborne, here is the link

Just add after the crush, I plug the same battery to the same drone (I have tested first in case of a shortcut), and it power on normaly. I have changed the broken arms, put the pops and started on my bench table, and run without problems. I don want to fly it yet until know the real problem.

Thank You in Advance

hi. complete noobie with Logs, im trying to learn something new here, please let me know am i on the right track at all. At the moment i have no idea about what all those numerical values mean, sometimes i quess that small is good and big number not so… I see a drop in current a moment before power off, stable voltage all the way to the end, all your imus are “dead” for a while, when imu´s are back online…u give throttle and same time current spikes up, higher than your average current compared with your your ctun Dalt & Alt.
then current coes up again.the end. Brownout? no, that was a lost Voltage…well following with interest :slightly_smiling_face:

edit. btw. how is running time, arm/disarm displayed on log analyzer, is know time us, but that graph dont clarify the flight related time to me ? thank you

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hi, you are right about the “dead imus”, but thats its why the drone was landed. the current goes up because the order was to takeoff at 10mt, so the drone needs more power to do that.

And I think you are confused, the complete shutdown can bee seeing at the final, if you see the Alt at the finlar of the chart, the last measure was 10mt, so thats mean the FC shutdown in the Air.


okay, like i said, i dont understand too much about logs, had no idea that your copter was landed,sorry… but i do understand that copter needs current to lift off.thanks

no, not confused on that one! :zipper_mouth_face::roll_eyes:

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Hi @Michael_Oborne, could you check the log?



Which copter version you flown during crash?

Did you use HMC5883 magnetometer?

Hi, this is the pix im using and versions.

I dont know if that is the mag of the cube.

Frame: HEXA
CubeBlack 0027002C 3138510E 35363631
ChibiOS: d2030d88
ArduCopter V3.6.9 (632be63f)