Power redundancy - voltageflag parameter

Having 2 power inputs is of little use unless you get a warning when one has failed. The arming checks only allow a single check that the board voltage is good.
There is a parameter ‘voltageflag’ (that can be viewed on the MP tuning display) that gives useful info about the supply status. 1=power1 supplied, 2=power2 supplied, 3=1 and 2 supplied. There are more options if powered by usb. The servo rail supply can already be checked in pre-arm.
It would be possible to go many flights without knowing that one supply has already failed.
Could we please have this parameter check-able in the arming checks and a warning if it fails in flight.


This is where open source is great… if you want a new feature, you can suggest it, or do it, or sponsor someone to do it