Problem to update Herelink controller


I would like to update my herelink controller. So when i arrive at “flash_all_except_data_storage”, the processus is blocked.
On this link, you can see my problem:

Windows 10 , firewall and anti-virus are disabled. On 2 computers it is the same.
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Hello, we have test with 3 differents computers one of which is new. It is exactly the same effect. Impossible…

Hi Maxime,
Can you try the following:
From the command terminal where you executed the adb reboot bootloader command.
Change Directory: “cd <path to RemoteUnitFW>”
execute the bat file: “flash_all_except_data_storage.bat”

Don’t work: file not found


Hi, I’m having the same issue here. “No such file in Directory”
Why is it trying to load files from a different directory?
@sidbh Help?

EDIT: Issue resolved for me. May have had the problem while trying to directly extract the platform tools to another folder (and then deleting it) before extracting it to the firmware folder. When executing the batch file, the script was trying to pull the file from previously deleted target folder. Not sure if it’s a wider issue or something I did wrong while extracting it. In my opinion, once extracted to the firmware folder, the batch file should have worked as designed. I extracted both the platform tools and firmware files separately and then copied the tools into the firmware folder for it to work as shown in the video.

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