Problems downloading parameters on MP when using herelink

I have one drone of our fleet setup with herelink connected on telem1 ans sbus. On telem2 we have a raspberry connected with mavlink-router that routes mavlink packets trough an LTE router to a vpn and to a ground pc on wich we have Mission Planner (in readonly) that we use from our central offices to check the flights from remote about 300 km away. We have done this for years when we used ipmesh for the local link from local ground station to the drone.
Now we are testing herelink to use on the field in place of the mesh links but every time we connect Herelink’s Qgroundcontrol than Mission planner on the remote PC gets stuck to “downloading parameters…” forever…
This only happens if we start herelink and qgroundcontrol before the remote pc Mission Planner.
If we connect Mission Planner before the herelink, than everything works.
It looks like whenever herelink connects to the drone than mission planner gets stuck in downloading parameters.
If anyone has any idea we would appreciate very much.



How do you connect Qgroundcontrol and Mission planner? Did you use the UDP method?

Qgroundcontrol connects trough the herelink link. Mission Planner connects to the tcp 5790 port of the raspberry mavlink router we installed. Herelink and raspberry are connected to the cube trough telem 1 and telem 2 respectively.
Would be nice to know what exactly runs on the air unit and how it is configured if it is a mavlink router.