Problems with Hawkeye Compatibile Herelink

Hi everyone

I gave a gift to my UAV (with Herelink & App Solex + Cube + Gimbal & Camera Sony) a second Herelink Compatible 4K Split with HDMI OUTPUT camera to be installed in front of a fixed way

I don’t know if I am unfortunate but when I turn on the drone (and therefore all the components of the UAV are simultaneously ON), I regularly see the Gimbal channel (0) but if I change the view on the second Hawkeye channel (1), the HDMI protocol goes to get fucked. (paid 200 £ !!!)

To see channel 1 and that is Hawkeye, I have to manually turn off the board and then turn it on … then everything comes back regular and I can switch from one to the other without problems

Obviously I am not in flight with the drone to be able to turn off /turn on Hawkeye’s board !!!

So I ask for advice to you that maybe you have the same resource?

Is it possible that they have not thought of a delayed ignition? at least on the protocol)

Alternatively, if I find no solution offered by the board, I have to build a micro timer with a pair of transistors and a ne555 to delay the Hawkeye’s achievement 30 seconds
Or turn on the board remotely by subtracting a button from Herelink (which are already few)

I am the unfortunate or I seem to return to 2010 when we did acrobatics for something that should be normal? (especially if they are devices designed for a drone?)

Thank you all

Note: is 1080p 30fps correct for Herelink?