QGC Crashes on PX4 Reboot

We currently use QGC on Herelink Handsets and noticed that, as the title suggests, QGC can crash when you reboot the PX4.

We’re using QGC version “Development herelink-v4.0.8-dev:caeaf60” from 2021-07-29.

Just wondered if any background updates might’ve been done that could’ve caused this?
This began happening on 19th January 2022.

Any help would be appreciated!

Do you mean the autopilot?

Please try to update both controller and air unit again with the flasher

Thanks for the quick reply!

Yes when you reboot the PX4 autopilot via QGC, parameters, tools, Reboot PX4.

I should also add that this began occurring on 2 separate handsets with respective air units from the same date even though one of them has been using the same configuration for weeks prior without this issue happening.

You may also try to clear the application cache in Android Settings.