QGC in Herelink changes compass orientation parameters

hello again, we are detecting problems with the orientation parameters of compass.

All the assembly is in a quad, Herelink, Cube, here.
During the assembly we perform the calibrations using MP by means of the hotspot wifi of the herelink.
no problem.

although we have realized that if we make the calibration of compass with the Herelink QGC changes the orientation of the external compass to the value 10 (ROLL180YAW90) but Here is well oriented. (forward)

The surprising thing in spite of this the system is able to fly, in spite of the errors of compass variance due to the incorrect calibration of the sensor.

some idea why QGC at Herelink changes my external compass orientation parameters?


it was not the Herelink, it was the COMPASS_AUTO_ROT parameter that when calibrating the compass rotated its orientation in the parameters.

after deactivating it works perfect.

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