QGC terrain following (rangefinder) in auto mode


For precision farming missions we need to create flight plans with terrain following by rangefinder, in mission planner its possible but operationally it would be easier on QGC, for the moment it is impossible to create a mission with rangefinder following terrain…

In the following update of QGC would it be possible to create range finder terrain following plan…

Thank you for your answers

And sorry for my aproximative english…

You may try to connect the QGC to a computer and setup the mission there

Connect the Herelink UDP on QGC. Most of the steps should be similiar to connecting to mission planner

we are already working like this, we create the flight plans on the mission planneur and we inject them into the drone with the here link (UDP)

But my question is: will it be possible one day to create a flight plan from QGC in the here link with the following terrain (rangefinder)


This depends on QGC itself. Some of the features are not available in android version of QGC.
The QGC on Herelink has only a few modifications to match the hardware.
If you want more functions on QGC, you will need to ask the developers from QGC forum