Qgroundcontrol reverts to stock


We bought 4 herelink v1.1 remotes two weeks ago.
We have a custom qgc app that we flash on every remote.
On v1.1 however after the new app is flashed , it works for a little while like 10 min and then the remote reboots and reverts to old stock qgc even though the oem partition is correctly flashed.
I will investigate some more tommorow but I need your thoughts.

We bought and used over 20 herelink remotes this year alone ao we know the correct flashing procedure of the oem partition.

Just to clarify, this happened on 3 of the remotes, we haven’t used the 4rth one on a drone yet so the box is unopened.
So I doubt its just one particular remote.

i dont have enough info to realy say.
any app you put on the OEM partition is in your domain, we dont control that, and we dont wipe/modify it.

regarding reboots… check cpu usage… id say you have a bug

Ok I have been working on this for 2 days now.
I even compileds the latest qgc for the herelink. The outcome is the same.
I flash the oem partition. Reboot. New custom app works fine. After a while or on next reboot the custom app is gone and it reverts to stock qgc.
If I reflash oem then again it works for 1 time and then back to stock.
This is becoming frustrating and its also super critical for us because we use them on a vessel drone and not a flying drone and we cant use the stock one.
Please look into it. I can make a video to see for yourselves