Quad with Cube Orange

My quad is running the Cube Orange on a Kore board with Hereflow, SF11C Lidar, Here+ and Here3 Gnss on HereLink. Tmotors 4014 m 16 inch props on TMotors Alpha 40 esc. I did the autotune yesterday with good results both in Roll and Pitch axes. Today i tried it in auto Mode for a small mission to check it out. It started the mission good but after a while started doing this toiled effect all over the place. I took it over and manage to land safely. Here is the DF log. Anybody to check the log file please.


Looks like your copter had terrible mag interference at that moment.
I have checked your RCout and BAT, they don’t seem to be the source of problem.
I’m not sure what caused this, maybe from your flying environment?

@Alvin i had one compass connected to I2c which for some reason went 90 degrees on the yaw axis. Somehow mission planner did that , not my setting. I removed it completely and stayed with the compasses in two gps units, Here3 and Here+ V2.
Now is doing ok. I have posted some logs later.