Questions_OctoCopter Cube Orange_ Unexpected Motor Stoppage

Cube Orange and Herelink duo. The Octo appears ready to fly. Have tested the multirotor on the ground with the multirotor loosely tethered and the multirotor does not want to flip, tip or any silliness with the throttle at Idle. I have calibrated ESCs, performed the motor test(%) and Deadzone setting using mission planner and set the MOT_SPIN_MIN and MOT_SPIN_ARM according to the procedures from During ground testing the Orange Cube FC Autopilot and Octo are placed as level as possible, pitch and roll on the SOLEX HUD at arming read +/- 0.1- 0.4 on all axis.

  1. My concern is that gradually the autopilot changes the motor speeds until one or two props of the 8 propellers slows down to minimum and then the FC shuts one off completely all the while speeding up the remaining props(attitude control). Also I noticed the 0.4 degree of roll and pitch somewhat consistent during the minimum throttle pre takeoff test run. In the field similar unlevel probably worse conditions might exist in the Takeoff/Landing zone.
  2. Is the FC trying to correct the attitude by shutting off the motor and prop?
  3. If the FC is trying to perform attitude correction to level itself, why and how can it violate MOT_SPIN_MIN?
    4)Is the Cube Orange FC going to keep shutting off the props while I use the pre-flight checklist if the Takeoff/Landing zone is not completely level?
    I set MOT_SPIN_MIN, MOT_SPIN_ARM and calibrated ESCs. I am not sure if the FC’s behavior and settings are correct.

Also I set the Herelink RC PWMs minimums and maximum again using trial and error method. Previous APM FC installations were unsuccessful and I had to use EagleTree FC(smh). I have confidence this Cube Orange is the one for the job this time. Any help/insight would be greatly appreciated. I post link to [video] of a tethered ground test of the UA spinning its props here

The gradual change on the ground is the I term building up as the system is trying to level it perfectly. It won’t do this in the air.

Excellent and thank you for the prompt reply. That sounds like good news. I will re-post your explanation in the video caption. Will rethink the type of landing gear the Octo uses and shorten that pre-takeoff runup. The Orange Cube is impressive. Good deal. Cheers!